The Quality of pharmaceutical products depends in particular on the level of the chest and a sterile environment. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry place high demands on the quality of indoor air, the temperature and wait. To meet these requirements and compliance with international standards and the Director of FDA and GMP must complete conditioning and a ton of filtering large volumes of air to auto for climate control in the room, the confidence in the quality and ecology of the materials to the systems.DT Termo Group has auburn experience in the implementation of projects with the temp requirements of sanitary-hygienic norm, and chest industrial premises.Since inception, we have recommended ourselves as one of the leaders of the Russian construction market in the segment such as system and VC, fire safety and lighting.Based on its capacity of AKI and advanced system control, ready to provide a wide range of products with SD support spas, and Grant RA delivery just in time for my dynamic rest and post customer base. Our highly skilled engineers will provide an individual approach to Your needs and will provide You with al solution.

Services DT Termo Groups

the development of the concept of pharmaceutical production is that

  • project work according to the requirements of ml, and also in accordance with the Russian standard
  • installation and PU-ND operation of process and auxiliary equipment
  • complete supply of grub the premises that meets the requirements of GMP standard and ISO standard 14644 (stone Peter Ki, doors, floors, ceilings, lighting, filtering, sad, ventilation reset, etc.)
  • the suck Assembly of the room "turn-key"
  • supervised installation of ventilation systems, air conditioners, etc.
  • Commissioning form. production
  • Carrying out in full the company's actions. production according to requirements of GMP:
    • development project
    • skill sucks space and system vozduhotehnika
    • qualification of process equipment and internal systems
    • check processes with the full package of test documentation
  • operation personnel Training of pharmaceutical companies
  • give the lock and maintenance

Our principles

  • air Quality
  • Precise climate control
  • Comfort
  • energy Efficiency
  • The ecology of materials and equipment