october 14, 2019.

DT Termo Group celebrated its 18th birthday!

Our beloved company DT Termo Group is 18 years old - now we are adults! On this remarkable occasion, the company’s management organized a large-scale summer corporate event for its employees in the Iksha River Club Country Club.

As part of the corporate party program, we visited the warehouse in Lobnya, where our employees were able to observe a well-functioning warehouse management system. The system allows you to automate the placement of goods taking into account weight and size characteristics, makes it possible to use a variety of storage schemes, reduces the time for selecting orders. Automated inventory of goods in the warehouse ensures traceability of the goods throughout the supply chain by understanding the characteristics of the goods.

Further on, Iksha River Club hosted an exciting sports team building, consisting of fun trials and team building contests. An evening entertainment program, a gala dinner, an exciting light bike show and extreme tricks from the masters of sports on a bike trial, as well as a lot of surprises and gifts.

On this significant day, first of all, we congratulate the founder of the company DT Termo Group, Lyubomir Petrovich, as well as our colleagues, thanks to whom our company has become successful, recognizable, strong and respectable. We thank them for their high professionalism, fruitful work and significant contribution to the formation and development of our company!

We sincerely wish our company DT Termo Group further prosperity, effective work, outstanding events, reliable partners and tremendous success!